Cage -- rusted lock, photographic prints, waxed netting, wire mesh, pipe cleaners


Treasure -- paper collage, charcoal, 2019, 22"x33"

Lost -- keys, string, wax, oil paint, shellac, on 10"x8" wood panel,  2021

Cold sun -- ink, string, wax, paper collage, mica, on paper, 20"x28", 2021

Growth -- oil, string, wax, on 10"x8" wood panel, 2021

Emerging -- ink, string, wax, oil paint, on 10"x8" wood panel 2021

Potentials -- paper collage, acrylic paint, 2018

Many Mirrors -- ink, sand, wax, mica, 2019

Ground -- encaustic, oil paint, ink, paper collage, 2021

Begin -- ink, string, wax, paper collage, pastel, charcoal, 2019

Healthy Soil Biodiversity -- encaustic, string, cold wax medium, paper collage, 2022 for Oregon State University Department of Agriculture exhibition, The Sustainable Feast

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